About Us

Kaustic Plastik emerged from the ashes of Twisting Toyz, formed by Fabio Varesi, former Twisting Toyz historical chief consultant and Danilo Leo, former Twisting Toyz chief prototyper.

Kaustic Plastik wanted to continue with that grand Italian tradition. However, Fabio and Danilo felt the need to create a new company that is focused on the more “ancient” themes of Italy, which for too many years has been overlooked in the collector’s market.

Being that Kaustik Plastik is headquartered in Italy, they will have wide access to some of the world’s finest historical artifacts out there.  Because of this, they will have the capability to produce historically accurate sets!

Meet our 100% European staff!

Fabio Varesi: General Manager, executive producer, designer
Danilo Leo: Chief prototyper
Dario Barbera: Artistic Director, Master Painter
Inigo Gil: 3D Sculptor