Bela Lugosi as Dracula – Version Deluxe – Advanced Pre Order (Partial Pay) 319.95 EURO




Bela Lugosi, official 1/6 action figure! Limited EDITION! DELUXE VERSION 319.95 EURO (Partial Pay 50 Euro)

Produced by Kaustic Plastik and Infinite Statue

Product Management by Fabio Varesi
Designed by Fabio Varesi and Fabio Berruti
3d headsculpt by Daniele ‘Danko’ Angelozzi
3d headsculpt expressions, extra details and hands by Inigo Gil
3d Extra parts by Sean Dabbs
Master Paint by Dario Barbera
Outfit designed by GeeWhiz Studio
Exclusive Artwork by Giada Giusti

A special thanks to Lynne Lugosi Spark and Kerry Gammill for the input and feedback!

Release date: 3rd Quarter 2022


– Bela Lugosi lifelike Headsculpt (Handmade paint)
– Bela Lugosi lifelike grinning Headsculpt (Handmade paint)
– 10 Posable hands
– One Body fully articulated (30 cm)
– Dragon Candelabra
– Black Tuxedo
– Black Pants
– Black and Red Cape
– White Shirt
– White Gilet
– White Bow Tie
– Black Shoes (Magnetic)
– Magnetic standard Stand
– Deluxe Dracula Coffin
– Luxury Packaging
– WEB GIFT (Only at Kaustic Plastik and Infinite Statue e-commerce sites): 200 pcs Bela Lugosi Tshirt (Black color)

Additional information

Code Number



2 kg


Kaustic Plastik – Infinite Statue


1/6 (About 30 cm)

Special Note

Limited Edition


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