Marcus Nonius Macrinus – EXCLUSIVE EDITION

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Limited Edition: 200 Pcs Worldwide Numbered

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Release date: December 2015

– Exclusive edition Packaging
– Head Sculpt
– KP04 Generation K Body
– Worthing Parade Helm (Craftmade in Italy – Metal with Electroplating in Bronze )
– Sword/Gladio (Die Cast)
– Bronzed Armour/Lorica Muscolata (New EXCLUSIVE COLOR PATTERN Bronze + Silver HANDPAINTED in Italy)
– Bronzed Ocrae (Leg protections) (Craftmade in Italy – Metal with Electroplating in Bronze )
– Pteruges/Leather Vest
– Purple Cape (Cloth)
– Purple Toga
– Parade Closed Boots/Calcei (Leather)
– White Tunic Short (Cloth)
– White Tunic Long (Cloth)
– Decorated Belt (Leather + Details in Brass)
– Parazonium/Parade Sword (Die Cast)
– Fasces/Bundle of Wooden Rods with Axe
– Command Staff
– Deluxe Stand
Real ITALIAN Marble numbered certificate of authenticity

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