Legions of Rome: Alae Quingenaria

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Limited Edition: 300 Pcs worldwide

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Release Date: OCTOBER 2018
NOTE: Horse is for display ONLY. Not included in the box

– Head sculpt
– KP04 generation body
– Hands x4
– Niederbieber type helmet
– Arlon Belgica type cuirass
– Bronzed ocrae (leg protection)
– Sword/gladio (diecast)
– Dagger/pugio (diecast)
– Light brown short pants (cloth)
– Sandals/caligae (leather)
– Yellow tunic (cloth)
– Red scarf/focale (cloth)
– Armored belt/Cingulum militare (leather)
– Leather wrist bands
– Long lance
– Oval shield
– Deluxe stand

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